Essential Attributes: ‘The Ideal HR Manager For Your Organization’

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Human Resource Management is a set of significant functions that prevails in the corporate world all across the Globe today. Whether it’s hiring the right employees or aligning an entire workforce to effectively meet organizational goals & objectives, the importance of a HR manager is immense to any organization. Personnel Management over the years has made way for a much broader functional role of human resource management. Every organization would want their HR manager/managers to ideally have the following attributes.

Being Organized

The ideal manager will have to be an organized one. An organized HR will always ensure that he conducts himself in the most comprehensive way possible. He should be clinical in his approach and should appear to be extremely self sufficient. After all, if a manager cannot manage himself, then he cannot manage others. Apart from this, being organized will also require the manager to be efficient in his operations. Effectively managing time is another key aspect that contributes to being organized.

An effective Multi-tasker

A human resource manager has to take care of all kinds of issues in the workplace. From hiring employees to filing important paperwork, from solving employee differences to standardizing regulations, from firing & terminating employees to attending to their interests in order to achieve employee retention, the HR manager has to take care of everything. This will require the individual to be extremely accommodative and a master in multi-tasking.


In any organization, big or small, there is bound to be employee generated problems. Bigger the organization, more the number of employees. It is obvious that when there are so many people, there is bound to be differences in thoughts, ideas, opinions, mentality and ego. These are the things that give rise to human conflict. The ideal HR should be controlling enough to ensure that all the conflict is resolved properly so that the entire workforce can coexist and work towards the organizational goals & objectives, despite of their differences.

An Impartial Mentor

The HR manager is the Go-to person for employees in an organization when they are facing even the remotest of issues. The HR manager will only come across as a viable entity to the employees if he is impartial in nature. For instance, if an HR favours a particular group or individual in the organization or supports a particular notion or ideology, people might hesitate to walk up to him with their grievances as they would feel that it is pointless. This can be really detrimental to an organization. Employees can only give an HR the place of a mentor if he is impartial.

A Fair Diplomat

It’s very important that a human resource manager learns the art of diplomacy when it comes to aligning company regulations with employees. Sometimes, the regulations laid down by the company may be circumstantially unfair to employees. This is where the HR manager has to be a diplomat and safeguard the virtue and norms of the company in front of the employees. Obviously he can’t completely take the company’s side as it would lead to rebels in the workplace. The HR will have to diplomatically pacify the sentiments of the employees and reach a mutually consensual point of agreement with the employees. It would mean that there is something called ‘the middle’ between the company and its’ employees.


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